Ampro Lubricants, your number 1 choice in lubricants

- Reliable, high quality standard

- Flexible terms

- Young and dynamic mind

- Long term family business strategy

The beauty of Ampro Ester racing, Ampro  ester oil is a miracle oil.

The ester molecules literally attach themselves to the metal parts of an engine. This offers advantages during cold starts and at high temperatures. Ampro ester oil gives much better lubrication results and offers all kinds of advantages: much less wear, more economical fuel consumption and better performance. Reasons enough to choose Ampro Ester oil. Because then you choose the highest quality.

That is why Ampro lubricants is "power of technology"

About us

Ampro lubricants is a young dynamic company based in Belgium. Ampro lubricants is specialized in developing high quality racing lubricants for road-off-road, enduro, karting en cars.


As a manufacturer and distributor of lubricants, we hold these four values in high regard for every product and every customer relationship. They enable us to respond flexibly to the needs of international and local customers.

Palmares: Belgisch kampioen BMB 2021 inters 500

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